Private Medical Insurance

In order to obtain treatment funded by an insurance company you will need to:

1. Obtain a referral from your GP

Simply visit your GP and ask them to refer you to a consultant who practises at Worcestershire Bowel Clinic. Your GP will write a letter of referral and then either you or your GP can contact us to arrange your first appointment.

Once you and your consultant have agreed on the treatment needed, we will arrange your admission for a time that fits in with your other priorities and commitments.

2. Confirm cover with your insurer at each stage of your treatment

To ensure your insurance company will cover your treatment costs you are advised to contact them prior to each stage of treatment, including your first out-patient appointment, to inform them of your treatment details and confirm cover.

Claims processes differ between insurers and your provider will guide you through the process. If your cover is provided by your employer you will need to follow the claims process specific to your scheme.

Your insurer may require a claim form from your GP and you will need to check in advance with your insurance company that you are covered for treatment at each stage (e.g. out-patient consultation later followed by day-case surgery).

3. Provide details of your cover and authorisation for treatment to us

Spire charges for hospital services (nursing, facilities, medical consumables etc.).

Consultants (surgeons, anaesthetists and physicians) charge independently for their time and expertise.

We have direct settlement arrangements with insurance companies and will normally submit our charges to them electronically. In order to do this we need to know:

• your insurer
• your registration number
• your scale/level of cover
• your scheme details if you are insured under a company scheme
• your pre-authorisation number for your treatment

We will ask you for a swipe of your credit card when you register. This is to cover any charges your insurer is not liable to pay. Your details will be kept securely for up to 6 months and we will notify you in advance if it is necessary to use them.

Consultants may invoice to your home address and it may be necessary for you to forward bills to your insurer.


If you choose to pay for your own treatment, Spire self-pay provides you with a fixed price in advance so you are in control of the cost.

When you come to us you will have an initial consultation with your chosen consultant to discuss your condition. This may be followed with diagnostic tests or scans. Initial consultations and initial tests (if required) are charged separately*. Once the consultant has discussed the treatment you require, you will be given a fixed price; this will cover all costs relating to your treatment from this point on. Your price is made up of your surgeon’s fee, anaesthetist fees, hospital fees (nursing, accommodation, food etc.). Your hospital fees cover everything you need for as long as you need to stay in hospital, so you don’t get any unexpected bills if for clinical reasons you need to stay for longer than planned.

Once you have left hospital, your fixed price covers one follow up consultation (if deemed necessary)*, and all standard post-operative care, including take home drugs; the removal of stitches; dressing changes and all physiotherapy that your consultant advises you need. For additional peace of mind, should there be a clinical need for you to return to hospital you will not receive an additional bill.

For full details about what is included in a Spire self-pay package, please read our patient terms and conditions.

*unless stated otherwise


WBC Reception: 01905 362 053
Self Pay Enquiries: 01905 362 252

07917 047 926 / 01905 362 284

07917 047 926 / 01905 362 284